Hello world!

This is my very first post!  I am starting this blog at a pivotal point in my life where I need to reboot, and hope to default to the orginal factory setting.  My most recent reboot need has come from the collapse of a longterm personal relationship. Additionally from the recognition that I have developed doormat patterns that have not only affected my intimate relationship, but also my work, family, friend and even pet relationships.

My hopes are to use my writings as a tool to understand what happened, how to heal, and find better ways to live a more healthy, whole and rewarding life.  I would like to communicate with others that are having, or had, similar experiences regarding how they survived and how they are healing and moving on.

I will be exploring my recent painful breakup, in a somewhat cheeky fashion, as to not be too depressing! However, the effect these toxic relationships have on others is no laughing matter.

DoormatReboot is about back pulling myself back together to the original factory settings,  which worked well before this relationship came into my life, with some degree of levity and real-life approaches.

Would love to hear your comments!